Water Testing


Bay Area Home Inspection offers a variety of tests for water quality. Many of you are aware of the water crisis in Flint, which highlighted the need for independent testing of municipal water, not only for lead, but for bacteria as well. I offer both tests and can do them on any home (with or without a private well). You may not know that at least two county health departments in the UP are concerned about Uranium levels in private wells. I offer testing for this as well as other heavy metals such as copper and Iron. The standard testing (typical for most homes with a private well) is Coliform/E.coli and a Nitrate/Nitrite combo. The presence of Coliforms (bacteria) is an indication of the sanitary condition of the water supply, but does not identify specific bacteria. Some can be harmful to humans, many are not. E.coli, on the other hand, can cause heath issues.

Regardless the need, if its related to water quality, I can help. This link will bring you to the scheduling page which offers various options for testing.

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