Investor Inspections


I have extensive experience with investment properties and offer a set price for those looking at multiple properties for investment purposes. I’ve bought and sold a number of them myself over the years.

Here’s what I offer:

You and I will do a walk through of four properties of your choice (in reasonable proximity to one another). We’ll spend up to 45 minutes at each property and I’ll assess the overall condition verbally as you take notes.

I’ll answer any questions you may have related to the property condition, as well as intended use.

You’ll pay a total fee of $500.00 in exchange for verbal ONLY insight from a certified Master Inspector. With over 18 years of experience I do know what to look for. These are not complete inspections, but rather quick condition assessments to help you rule out potential pitfalls.

Tax sale properties and FSBO are your responsibility to arrange access. Properties listed through the MLS are my responsibility. In all cases, if possible, you should check to make sure utilities are turned on.

Call Walt:  1-800-935-9384


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