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For all of your P&C inspection needs, Bay Area Home Inspection has the experience to provide the quality reports your company expects.


Whether Underwriting and Renewal Inspections on residential or commercial properties, Merchant or Business Verifications, Securing and Marketing properties for auction, 4 Point, Wood Stoves,  Boats, Cars, Trucks, RVs, Repossession, Drive-Bys, Insurance Draw…

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We have the experience and professionalism to provide the most detailed, accurate and timely inspections on the market and at very competitive rates.





Your company has, most likely, some experience working with the large National Insurance Inspection Service Management Companies. Perhaps you found that they could not deliver promised deadlines or that the condition reports lacked professionalism.



We found the same issues during our time as filed representatives for some of these companies.

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The primary issue comes down to poor management and improper fee structures for experienced inspectors. As a result, they can’t keep good Field Representatives. They hire untrained workers with no inspection or construction experience and constantly backlog orders due to that inexperience, and due to constant turnover.



Bay Area Home Inspection is different. All of our inspections are completed by Mr. Fish, who has been a Wisconsin Licensed Residential and Commercial Building Inspector since 1999. Mr. Fish was also a Wisconsin Licensed P&C Agent for 6 years. Since 2006, we have worked  thruought the U. P. for several major insurance carriers and mortgage lenders. 




We were the first inspection company in Upper Michigan to use Computer Reporting and are experienced with a variety of condition report and sketch formats.

Garage Footing has Failed


We have the ability to custom design reports based upon your specific needs or integrate an existing template into our software.


Our rates are very competitive and we consistently exceed deadlines.


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