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 Calumet,  Michigan was founded in 1864 and was originally name Red Jacket. In 1929, it was reincorporated as the town of Calumet.

The population was 879 at the time of the 2000 census and I’ll update with new numbers when I get them.

It was a fairly good sized town in the 1880s and began declining after the first world war due to reduced demand for copper, which was it’s main industry.


 Float Copper Plaque  Amazing Facts about Float Copper 



 Historic Calumet Theatre  The historic Calumet Theatre is considered a national landmark and was built in 1900 as an opera house and theatre. The theatre currently hosts a variety of musicians and actors from across the country and world.
 Historic Park District  In 1989, much of Calumet was registered as a national historic district and the National Park Service eventually began management of key historic buildings. It is a cooperative effort to preserve the history of this mining town as well as historic structures.  
 Calumet Mall  Much of Calumet remains unchanged, with some additions such as a mini mall, a second grocery store and a Shopko. Burger King was added around 2000 and has been fairly popular with the residents.
 High School  The K-12 school in Calumet is one of the areas most stable. A new elementary school was added as an addition in back around 2000. The CLK (Calumet, Laurium, Keweenaw) is the only school above the bridge (Houghton) to provide lunches made in their kitchen. The High School and Middle School were originally built by the mining company and they were first rate for then and still not outdated today.
The work base consists of some manufacturing, employment through the school system, the National Park Service and area businesses. Tourism is also important to the economy.

Calumet hosts a number of events thruought the year including the Great Bear Chase and Copper Dog during March and is a gathering place for outdoor enthusiasts  and artists.

From the perspective of a Home Inspector, I’ll point out that building ordinances in Calumet are very lenient on non historic designated homes, and you will find a lot of non typical upgrades that would not pass code on many homes.

On the other hand, home prices are very attractive in Calumet. Compared to other communities such as Houghton and Marquette, homes are quite a bargin if you happen to be retired or land a good local job.

In short, Calumet has declined considerably in population over the years, but it does have an active community life and is pretty well self contained. There are 2 grocery stores, several funeral homes, over a dozen churches, a first rate hardware store, a lumber store, numerus auto repair shops, an appliance store, a furniture store, about 1/2 dozen restaraunts, several bars, gas stations, an electrical suppy store, 2 coffee houses, and several blocks of stores catering to tourists.   

I believe one of the best features of Calumet is the Swedetown Ski and Mountain Bike Recreation area. They have some of the nicest trails you’ll find in Upper Michigan. Here are a few pictures of the groomed ski trails.


Bear Chase  Moma Bear 
 Papa Bear  Bear Chase Race 2010



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